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BZ Coaching

Website UX optimisation, content creation & SEO

BZ Coaching is a personal fitness trainer and nutritional coach based in Zwaag, Netherlands. He contacted us to upgrade his website design for a better readability, clearer information and SEO optimization.

The previous version of his website was one homepage, mostly made out of texts without structure or highlights. We restructured the main content (services, pricing, contact form, footer…) using his original color code, we developed a few variants to stay on brand. Two extra pages were also created in order to explain the two main services provided by Bram, online and as a personal coach, as well as the reason to choose him. We rewrote his personal description giving more details about his fitness journey, his vision and mission towards his clients.

Finally, a lot of SEO work was carried out in order to improve the ranking of the website, hence again the creation of two additional pages, thus resuming the integration of keywords related to its two main services. Today, Bram is very proud of his website and happy to be able to communicate to all of his prospects how he can help them transform their lifestyle with the greatest efficiency.

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